Voting at a Congregational Meeting
Governance and Operations On Demand Webinars
Governance & Operations On-Demand Webinars

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Effective Meetings

Based on Serving with GraceConcrete practices for transforming lay leadership into a spiritual practice.  Accompanying Workshop available. Skinner House (2010).

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In many congregations, meetings are considered a necessary evil.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Here are spiritual and practical ideas for running efficient, effective and faith-based meetings. Central East Region (2017)

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Be good stewards of members’ time by making the most of your time together. Central East Region (2015).


Practical ideas for making governance serve your mission. MidAmerica Region (2010).

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An opportunity for new presidents to learn the basics, share some resources, and network with those moving into the role. MidAmerica Region (2015)

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Learn the differences between a congregation's governance and its ministry, and how each serves the church's mission in its own way. UUA Congregational Life (2017).


Develop comfort talking about money, and learn about practical tips and resources. Pacific Western Region (2016).

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Bill helps to bring the FUN back to FUNdraising. Central East Region (2015).

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Ideas to re-invigorate your annual campaign by having a broad view of stewardship. Pacific Western Region (2016).

Mission and Vision

An overview of the processes & pitfalls of creating a compelling religious mission-covenant statement. Pacific Western Region (2016).

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Vibrant congregations in today's world live out of a sense of core mission or purpose. Twenty-first leaders need to find ways to embed that mission into all parts of congregational life. This workshop will provide strategies to help your congregation focus its development of leaders and congregants toward embodying your core purpose. Central East Region (2012)


Learn from a UU Trauma Response Ministry Board Member how your congregation can be prepared for disasters. MidAmerica Region (2015).

Clergy Transitions

This series offers tips on how to have a healthy ministerial departure and gives a brief introduction to the ministerial search process. Find out more from the UUA Transitions Office.  MidAmerica Region (2013).

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This series briefly addresses ministries that do not end well. If this is happening in your congregation, contact your UUA Regional Staff. MidAmerica Region (2013).

Other Staff Transitions

Learn about formal administrative on-boarding (the legal hoops) and proven practices for welcoming and orienting staff. We also touch on professional development, performance management, and team-building. UUA General Assembly (2016).

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