Creating Communities of Care at Youth Events

This is for those who are generously directing your energy towards growing UU youth communities by organizing a youth event. Thank you, you are awesome!

As we tend to these sprouting communities, the most important thing we can do is learn/teach the skills for creating communities of care. A community of care is any group of individuals who support each other’s wellbeing, act in ways that foster hospitality, acceptance, and inclusivity, co-create and abide by mutual agreements (covenant), and have a process of repair when needed.

A community of care model creates a “leader-ful ecosystem,” meaning that every person involved plays a role in maintaining the vitality of the collective, not just a few select and specially trained individuals.

So, how is this done? Slowly and with intention. Here are some ideas you can try on before and at your event:

Supporting Each Other’s Wellbeing

Fostering Hospitality, Acceptance and Inclusion



For More Learning