Basic Information for Congregational Websites A checklist

 A blank to do list on the wall next to a large stack of papers

Your church website is often the first place a seeker will learn about your congregation. Here is a checklist to help make the experience a good one!

Home Page

  • Your congregation's full name and complete meeting address with a hyperlink to Google Maps
    • Your mailing address, if different.
    • The name of the building in which you meet, if different from your congregation name.
  • Time and location of Sunday worship and any other weekday seeker-friendly events.
    • Upcoming service and faith development topics are a nice addition.
  • Accessibility information:
    • Is your meeting place wheelchair accessible? Bathrooms?
    • Where is the handicapped parking?
    • Large-print hymnals and orders of service
    • Headphones or hearing loop system in the sanctuary
    • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Donation Information (Paypal link, Venmo link, etc.)
  • Telephone number
  • Congregation's general email address

Additional Web Pages

  • A calendar with information about upcoming events and meetings, and how to get more information.
  • A listing of your minister(s) and professional staff, including contact information.
  • A listing of your congregation's officers and other key leaders and their contact information.
  • A Newcomer FAQ (See the general UUA webpage for potential visitors).
    • For more ideas, interview some newer members of your community about what they wish they would have known before coming for the first time.
    • What to wear; especially for children if your RE program has activities unsuited for "Sunday Best" clothes.
  • Clear and inviting information and images about who you are and what you stand for.
  • A link to
  • A link to your district and region.


Ask permission before posting photos or personal information about your members. Written permission is necessary for minors and no names should be given for minors.

You may want to set up alias emails e.g.,, etc. and have email forwarded to the current holder of the role.

Make sure you have proper copyright permissions for anything you post. Don'r assume something is in the public domain (e.g. the song Happy Birthday or a well-known poem).

See the Copyright Primer for Congregations for the latest information on copyrights!