Possibilities of Part Time Ministry: Ministerial Experiences

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The Possibilities of Part Time was a virtual gathering in May of 2023 for congregations exploring part-time ministry, with special guest G. Jeffrey MacDonald, author of "Part-Time Is Plenty: Thriving Without Full-Time Clergy."

Several workshops addressing various aspects of part-time ministry were part of day. In this section you can watch the recording of the workshops on Ministers Considering Part-Time Ministry Models and Ministerial Experiences in Part-Time Ministry Models.

You can also view the other four workshops talking about the ministerial search process and employment matters and part-time ministry and possibilities from a congregation's experience, with examples from congregations and ministers currently doing this work.

Ministers Considering Part-time Ministry Models

Ministers Considering Part-Time Ministry Transcript (TXT)

Hosted by Rev. Erica Baron, with the New England Region of the UUA and Rev. Darrick Jackson, with the UUMA.

Ministerial Experiences in Part-Time Ministry Models

Part-Time Ministry Experience Transcript (TXT)

Hosted by Rev. Erica Baron, New England Region and Rev. Sarah Schurr, Pacific Western Region of the UUA.

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