Pastoral Care in Times of Crisis

At the core of the commitment to one another in our covenant is how we care for one another as religious communities. And yet, in times of crisis, conflict, or challenge, the patterns of how we have cared for one another in other times can break down. This webinar will explore both practices of how to care for one another in times of crisis and challenge, but also how the care itself must change because of these times. This is a webinar for Religious Professionals, Lay-Leaders, and Congregation Members who are involved in the congregation’s ministries of caring.

Originally presented April 2020

About the Authors

David Pyle

The Rev. David Pyle is the Regional Lead and a Congregational Life Consultant with the MidAmerica Regional Staff. Rev. Pyle holds a Masters of Divinity from the Meadville Lombard Theological School and a Bachelors of Arts in History and Political Science from East Tennessee State University. He...

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