There Are No Good Opening Words

Rev. Kimberley Debus reflects:

I wrote these words because I couldn't find anything that worked...because no one's done this in living memory. Please feel free to use with attribution.

Path through tall trees in foggy light

There Are No Good Opening Words

There are no good opening words,

Written long ago

Or even recently

That capture this moment.

We are

In uncharted territory

Taking up a task

Our past selves and our ancestors

Can only imagine

But here we are –

We are the people this moment needs

And so let us take up our work

In covenant

In faith

In pursuit of healing and holding.

Let our work today

Be fruitful

And helpful

Despite our fears and uncertainties

Despite our anxieties and frustrations

And let us chart this new course

That says

We were, we are, and we can be again.

About the Author

Kimberley Debus

The Rev. Kimberley Debus is a community minister based in Takoma Park, Maryland, inspiring an artful and art-filled faith. She consults with congregations and religious professionals throughout the denomination.

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