Social Justice

Taking action on issues of social justice has long been a source of tension between our collective social conscience and our right to our individual opinions. The report strongly supports congregational actions, and suggests ways of avoiding divisiveness.
  1. "Social justice work within Unitarian Universalist congregations is deeply related to our response to marginalized groups, both within our congregations and in society at large."
  2. "Some members dislike congregational social justice action for fear of divisions and conflicts . . . This fear is not unfounded. . . . Yet we must not let our fear of division be the determining factor in social justice work."
  3. William Gardiner: "The idea that the church should take no position on moral issues seems to be self-contradictory—for taking no action is in itself a form of action."


  • Do you think that congregations can and should take positions on public issues?
  • Do you agree that the Unitarian Universalist Association should also take public stands?
  • Is the General Assembly sufficiently representative of the congregations to act on their behalf?
  • How would you make it more representative?