Communication within the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has generally been from headquarters and the districts to the congregations. We have used television very little to reach out to a broader public audience. With increasing use of the Internet, communication patterns are changing, since inter-church communication has become cheap and easy.

  1. "Our congregations are isolated from one another, with no expectation of significant relationships and exchanges of resources. To a large extent, our communication are old style and hierarchical, with information flowing down from the UUA and districts to the congregations."
  2. "Partnerships among district, the UUA, and congregations or clusters of congregation to provide . . . video segments, religious education courses, and church administration courses could be beneficial to all parties."
  3. "As the Reverend John Wolf says, 'We let the age of television pass us by. If we don't get busy, we'll miss the electronic age as well!'"


  • How have you learned about the communications developed by the UUA or other cooperating groups?
  • Is there a need for more outreach to the public?
  • If so, should that be done by the UUA or by some other entity?