Conflict Transformation Skills for Leadership Development

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Graphic of Change and Conflict Skills Badge.

Conflict Skills are part of the recommended leadership development competencies.

Conflict Skills include:

  • Understanding the difference between unhealthy and creative conflict.
  • Being able to diffuse unhealthy conflict.
  • Being able to be present to and engage in healthy conflict.

Core Values

We are the “Living Tradition” that continually engages with our practices and beliefs to discern the “permanent” from the “transient.” We know that we must continually breathe new life into our congregations.


  • Switch roles with someone—at work, at play, at church or with the family.
  • Understand your own personality type or style when under stress using your favorite personality typing system (e.g. Myers-BriggsEnneagramKeirsey, etc.).
  • Learn your own conflict style in different settings (work, home, church).



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About the Authors

Renee Ruchotzke

Rev. Renee Ruchotzke (ruh-HUT-skee) is a Congregational Life Consultant and program manager for Leadership Development.

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