Characteristics of a Mission-Based Congregation

Wall with 7 doors, the 3rd one is a different color.
  • Creates a shared vision of the church, an effective mission statement and dynamic mission-centered goals to implement the mission. Develops and affirms a clear identity and purpose with a strong sense of mission.

    • Mission(s) used as a compass in decision-making.
    • Members can identify the congregation's sense of mission.
    • Communications and publicity clearly identify congregation's mission Orders of Service support the expression of mission.
  • Is financially healthy and funds its mission.

    • Money and its part in stewardship are discussed.
    • Budgeting choices are made based upon mission
    • Compensates staff at fair levels.
  • Structures its governance in support of its mission.

    • Organizational structure enhances congregational functioning, rather than getting in the way.
    • Decision-making is consistent with mission.
  • Offers programs in support of mission.

    • Ministry groups are clearly included in program schedule.
    • Worship services reflect mission.
    • Programs are offered at a variety of times and places.
    • Stages of spiritual formation are addressed with related activities.
  • Honors its covenantal relationships.

    • Written covenants are developed.
    • Conflict is managed in respectful, constructive ways.
  • Serves the community as well as the members of the congregation.

    • Needs of people in present circumstances are addressed.
  • Flourishes through a ministry actively shared by clergy and laity.

    • Members can relate their ministry within the church and in their daily lives.
    • Language of shared ministry is present in spoken words and printed materials.
  • Increased anti-racism and anti-oppression work occurs to move the congregation along the published continuum.

    • Programs offered support reflection and actions in this work.
    • Language and organizational structure reflects sensitivity to, and awareness of, intentional responses.

From the 2000 Midsize Church Conference