Meetings of the Governing Board for Bylaws

Empty Chairs around a board meeting table

Transparency and communication are essential for board meetings. Most boards meet monthly, with provisions for skipping meetings if no business will be transacted. Most boards have a quorum of 50 percent plus 1; most require a simple majority for decisions to carry. Some bylaws require notice of meetings to be made to the congregation, whereas others require that the minutes of the meetings be made available within a reasonable amount of time. It's also good practice to share a summary of the board's work in newsletters or other regular communications.

Sample Provision

  • Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held at a location and on dates and times per board policy and shall be open to all voting member of the congregation. Provision shall be made at meetings for non-Board members to address the Board. The Board may meet in executive session only to discuss personnel matters or to receive legal advice, but any decisions must be made in open session. A quorum at a board meeting shall consist of a simple majority. Any action by the Board of Trustees may be decided upon by a majority of the votes cast by those present at the meeting unless otherwise specified in board policy.

    Complete and accurate typed minutes shall be kept of any and all regular or special meetings of the Board excluding Executive Sessions. Minute, policies and other records will be maintained and made available to congregational members per board policy.