Benefits Tune-up Workbook

Words and images related to employee benefits

April 2023 Update

We traditionally update and republish the Benefits Tune-Up Workbook each February. Because the UUA Retirement Plan transitioned to a new Recordkeeper beginning in late February of this year, we held the 2023 update until that process was complete. We appreciate everyone's patience as we worked through this important transition.

About the Benefits Tune-up Workbook

The Benefits Tune-up Workbook is one of the most popular resources offered by the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances, helping congregational leaders understand our benefit plan rules – necessary documents, eligibility criteria, enrollment windows, and more. Ensure plan compliance by having good protocol in place for benefits administration.


The Workbook is available in two formats. The fillable PDF version is ideal for completing electronically. The Word version is useful if you want to type in your own notations to share with teammates, but you will lose some formatting and pagination; you can upload the Word version as a Google doc (or similar) for working on as a team.

Additional Help

We've also provided a video to guide you in completing the Workbook:

We urge all congregations participating in any UUA benefit plans to complete the Workbook annually – and whenever a new congregational leader becomes responsible. Make it a team effort among a small group of staff and lay leaders with personnel and onboarding responsibilities. Once you've tuned up, let us know how it went by completing our quick survey. (You'll find multiple links to the survey within the Workbook.)

You'll want to have your own congregation's copies of these documents available as you complete the Health Plan and Retirement Plan sections of the Workbook.