Assessing Your Hospitality

Part of Hospitality

Created by Carey McDonald, UUA Outreach Director, Lori Emison Clair, Consultant, and Marie Blohowiak, Congregational Life Coordinator and UUAMP Vice President

How wide and warm is our welcome? Here are some assessment questions to help find areas of hospitality needing improvement based on the Spectrum of Faithful Relationship.

Use the following numberical scale (or something similar) for each area:

  1. Needs immediate attention
  2. Needs improvement
  3. Could use some tweaking
  4. Satisfactory
  5. Couldn't be much better


  • Website

    • Is it up to date?
    • Can I easily find out how to participate on Sunday morning, and what to expect? Are there past services to watch/listen to?
    • Are there photos of staff and leaders?
    • Are there photos showing church activities?
    • Do we communicate a sense of the church's mission and activities?
    • Is there a map, parking and mass transit information?
    • Can I easily subscribe to the newsletter
  • Social Media

    • Do we have an active Facebook page, YouTube Account,Instagram account, and Twitter account?
    • Do we create and post shareable events?
  • Community Reputation

    • Do members of the wider community have an accurate picture of who you are?
    • Has your congregation been portrayed positively in the local press?
    • Is your congregation active in local interfaith groups?


invitation stating "join us"
  • Signage

    • Is your church sign visible, well-lit and legible?
    • Do you display a rainbow flag, a Black Lives Matter banner/sign and/or other signals of your activism?
    • Is it clear how to enter the church building?
    • Is there adequate signage, parking and entryway(s) for those with mobility needs?
    • Is there marked parking for visitors?
  • Greeting

    • Are visitors warmly greeted when they come in?
    • Are families with children put at ease?
    • Are greeters visible, outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable? Are they focused on greeting?
    • Is there consistency in greeters? Will returning visitors see a familiar face the next time they visit?
    • Are large-print items and hearing assistance devices readily availble without visitors having to ask?
  • Inclusivity

    • Do the worship leaders avoid acronyms and other insider language?
    • Is there a variety of worship leaders of different ages, genders and identities?
    • Are there "all ages" elements in worship that are accessible to children?
    • Is there time to greet one another during the service?
    • Is there information about how to learn more about the congregation?