Justice and Inclusion: Ministering Effectively in Our Multicultural World

Actions of Immediate Witness Affirmed at General Assembly 2018

Delegates at each annual General Assembly have the opportunity to take positions on issues that require immediate witness through the Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) process. An AIW expresses the conscience and carries the authority of the delegates at the GA at which it is passed. AIWs are initiated by individual delegates and move through their entire creation and adoption process during a single GA.

Three AIWs were added to the GA 2018 Agenda by vote of the delegates, and affirmed by the delegates by a vote of two-thirds or more after an opportunity for the delegates to review and propose amendments to them in mini-assemblies and on the floor of GA. These AIWs are entitled "End Family Separation and Detention of Asylum Seekers and abolish ICE"; "Dismantle Predatory Medical Care Practices in Prisons and End Prisons for Profit"; and "We are all Related: Solidarity NOW with Indigenous Water Protectors."

Delegates at the 57th General Assembly of the UUA did not adopt the proposed AIWs, but affirmed that the issues had value and should be considered. The proposed AIWs were "A Moral Response to the March for Our Lives", "End Israeli Detention of Palestinian Children", and "Join the Poor People's Campaign".

  • View the full text of the unadopted AIWs (PDF, 5 pages)