Action Steps for Transformative Social Justice Ministry

Unitarian Universalists of Ventura rally for shelters for the homeless.
  1. Cultivate a healthy congregational culture that is trusting, open, compassionate and bold.
  2. Congregational leaders pay attention to the issues affecting their local community, as well as where the interest and energy lies within their church.
  3. Minister, board and other leaders focus and unite the congregation by choosing one pressing and relevant social justice issue.
  4. Design a faith-based budget, reflecting not the annual pledge amounts, but the congregation’s goals and dreams for the future.
  5. Apply for funding from a variety of sources, including the Fund for Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility and the McCune Foundation.
  6. Hire necessary staff to support and sustain the congregation’s vision for social justice ministry.
  7. Create grassroots organization, grounded in the congregation, to carry the social justice vision and work forward.
  8. Build congregational buy-in by offering many ways to participate in social justice ministries, including deliberately involving children and youth.
  9. Look for partnerships within the community, building ties with local government, non-profits, and other religious organizations that share a vision and values.
  10. Remain open and committed to the work of social justice, always looking for new ways to expand and support the congregation’s ministry and the needs of the community.