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  • Letter from a Blue Ribbon Congregation: The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington

    Why and how does the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, New York, continue its support of the UU United Nations Office at the "Blue Ribbon Congregation Award" level In June 2016, at this year’s UUA General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, our congregation, the Unitarian...
    By Allison Hess | 5/25/2016
  • General Assembly 2016: Where Faiths Connect

    Insert photo gallery here The 54th anniversary of the UUA’s General Assembly was a rich and interconnected hub of activity on the international front as we hosted guests representing over eight nationalities. Additionally, numerous events, workshops, and celebrations with an...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 4/27/2016
  • The Colors of Inequality: 2016 UU-UNO Intergenerational Spring Seminar

    This guest post on our blog is from Isabella Gavanski, one of the Youth participants in this year's Intergenerational Spring Seminar - The Colors of Inequality: Costs and Consequences . My name is Isabella Gavanski, I am 15 years old and I attend the Lakeshore Unitarian...
    By UUA International Resources: UU Office at the United Nations | 4/25/2016
  • A Different Kind of Social Justice – Pastoral Care, from Accotink to Ajijic

    Contributions by Scott Sammler Michael & SMDA Our fellowship was born in 1987 when a small group of expatriate religious liberals came together to meet as Unitarian Universalists in San Miguel de Allende. The fellowship has been active and thriving ever since. Every UU...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 4/8/2016
  • United Nations Reform: Slow, patient work to make the UN better

    Bruce Knotts is Director of the Unitarian Universalist Association United Nations Office. He also serves as Chair of the NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security and Co-Chair of the NGO Committee on Human Rights. As President and CEO of the NGO Committee on Disarmament...
    By Bruce Knotts | 3/30/2016
  • Of Trees and Sweeping

    Florence Caplow is a Soto Zen priest in the Suzuki Roshi lineage, and a dharma teacher, field botanist, UU seminarian at Iliff School of Theology, essayist, and editor. She was the recipient of the UUA’s Tsubaki Grand Shrine Scholarship in 2015 and is currently on her visit with...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 3/17/2016
  • Behind the scenes at COP21

    This guest post is by Ahti Tolvanen. Ahti is a UU-UNO Envoy for Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Here he writes about his experience as a participant in the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) international climate change conference in Paris, which took...
    By Ahti Tolvanen | 2/23/2016
  • Unitarian Leader Takes Equal Marriage Stand in Romania

    Rev. Dávid Gyero, the Deputy Bishop of the Hungarian Unitarian Church (Churches in Transylvania, Romania and Hungary), has shared his recently issued courageous statement on Equal Marriage. By way of context, Romania is currently in the midst of a Constitutional struggle that...
    By Eric Cherry | 2/9/2016
  • Responding to Requests for International Contributions

    In the context of war and violence, mounting injustice, natural disasters and countless other severe challenges around the world, Unitarian and UU leaders in many countries are responding in creative and impactful ways to the issues they face locally. In recent weeks, requests...
    By Eric Cherry | 2/4/2016
  • February Update on Situation for Burundi Unitarians

    Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana, founder and minister of the Unitarian Church in Burundi, has shared the following update on the current situation in Burundi. For further context and background information, read "Making Sense of the Burundi Crisis." You are welcome to share this...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 2/3/2016
  • UUPCC Youth & Young Adult International Opportunities

    [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="8039,8040,8041,8042,7985"] UUPCC Young Adult Grants for ICUU Conference & Council Meeting 2016 The UU Partner Church Council has set aside funds to provide assist young adult participants (ages 21 – 35) to attend the International...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 1/28/2016
  • 70th Anniversary of the First UN Resolution to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

    On January 24th, 1946, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed its first resolution, which called for the establishment a commission to monitor nuclear energy around the world, and for the elimination of atomic weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. This...
    By Allison Hess | 1/25/2016
  • Making Sense of the Burundi Crisis

    Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana, founder and minister of the Unitarian Church in Burundi, has prepared an article that will help interested people understand the context and background of the current situation You are welcome to share this article widely. Donate online to support...
    By Eric Cherry | 1/25/2016
  • ICUU Conference and Council Meeting 2016

    [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="7984,7985,7986,7987,7988"] Dear Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist Friends Around the World: The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) warmly invites you to attend the 2016 ICUU Council Meeting and Conference...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 1/15/2016
  • A Monumental Achievement: Unitarian Universalists at COP21

    Climate change has become a huge focus in the last couple years, politically and socially. Some of us have been working on it much longer, but it’s inspiring to see the commitment spread to more people and gather more support. Even Beyoncé is involved, having starred in the...
    By Allison Hess | 1/12/2016
  • Celebrating the Declaration of Religious Freedom and Tolerance

    On January 13, 2016 the Hungarian Unitarian Church honours the 448th anniversary of the Declaration of Religious Freedom and Tolerance, an edict which might be considered as the first legal guarantee of religious freedom in the Christian Europe. 448 years ago, in 1568, on...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 1/7/2016
  • Odumase-Krobo, Where Every Child is Our Child

    By Tatiana Reis (Women's Rights Initiative) and Daniel Snyder (Climate Justice Initiative) UU-UNO Program Interns “I want to be a nurse,” says Grace, the first in her family to reach high school—a monumental task in regions such as Odumase-Krobo in Ghana—explaining the...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 12/7/2015
  • Post-LGBTQI Asylum Event: Recap

    On Tuesday, October 20th, Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, LGBT-FAN, and Housing Works Inc, hosted an LGBTQI Asylum Seeker & Refugee event titled LGBT Asylum Seekers: Where Do We Go Now? The event’s objective was to raise awareness of the atrocities LGBTQI...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 12/3/2015
  • Giving Tuesday #BecauseofUU

    In the United States, we have one day for giving thanks, two days for getting deals; now, globally, we have a day for giving back: #GivingTuesday. On Tuesday, December 1st, families, students, community centers, businesses, and charities around the world come together for the...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 11/30/2015
  • Updates from Burundi Unitarians

    UPDATE 12/19 From the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists: Update on Burundi Situation Violence in Burundi has escalated with government forces killing civilians, leaving the bodies in the streets to further terrorise their people. The still active charges...
    By Eric Cherry | 11/19/2015


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