What to Do With a Past President?

Q. Do any congregations have a planned “path” for the board president after s/he has completed the term of service? Since that person has such a wealth of information and insight, we would like to institute some sort of position for our immediate past president, but obviously one that would not be as time-consuming as the presidency. Any suggestions?

A. Some congregations encourage them to serve on the Nominating Committee. At another the past president becomes chair of the Program Council. A common path is to have them serve an additional year on the Governing Board either in an active or advisory position. At another congregation the president-elect, president, and past-president all serve on the Board and, in addition, constitute the Personnel Committee. At another, all past presidents serve on the S trategic Planning Committee, a group that meets occasionally to develop policies. And one administrator probably speaks for many others when she describes the typical path for presidents at her congregation: “Our presidents pretty much go on sabbatical after their terms. They need a rest.”

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