Membership Bylaws

These membership bylaws are meant as examples only. Please amend them to fit your own needs.

Article III Membership

  1. Active Members: Any person sixteen years of age or older who agrees with the purposes of this church may become an Active Member by signing the Membership Roll in the presence of an Officer or the Minister after attending orientation sessions conducted by the Membership Committee in conjunction with the Minister. Active members shall agree to support the church by personal participation and by making an annual financial contribution of record. The new member shall be contacted, as soon as possible after joining, by a Finance Committee member regarding pledging financial support to the church.
  2. Inactive Members: An Active Member not in compliance with the expectations stated in Paragraph 1 above may be reclassified as an Inactive Member. Annually, no later than January 31, the Minister, the Membership Chair, and the Treasurer shall develop a list of those who might be reclassified to Inactive Member status. Each such member shall be contacted to determine his or her intentions regarding continued Active Membership. A final list of those to be reclassified to Inactive Membership shall be so reclassified upon action by the governing board.
  3. Removal from Membership: The name of a Member, either Active or Inactive, shall be removed from the Membership Roll upon (1) a written request from the Member, or (2) an oral request from the Member to an Offficer or the Minister, or (3) death of the Member. Annually the Clerk shall prepare a list of the names of Members, either Active or Inactive, who are out of touch with the Society and have not responded to written communication directed to their last known address. Upon vote of the Congregation at the Annual Meeting, the names of such Members shall be removed from the Membership Roll.

Other sample bylaws may be found in the Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA) Congregational Handbook, p. 31 (look in your congregation's office for it) and on the UUA website on congregational bylaws. District offices may also have sample bylaws.

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