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  • Rev. Karen Van Fossan recounts her experience supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's activism against the Dakota Access Pipeline in her new memoir, "A Fire at the Center: Solidarity, Whiteness, and Becoming a Water Protector", published by UUA imprint, Skinner House Books.
    October 12, 2023 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: #SideWithLove, Indigenous Rights
  • At General Assembly, the annual gathering of UUs where the UUA conducts business and explores the theological underpinnings of the UU faith, the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt was elected to serve as President of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
    June 26, 2023 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: #SideWithLove, #UUAGA, UU Theology, General Assembly, UUA Governance & Management
  • In responding to recent attacks on trans and nonbinary+ people, the UUA calls out the dangerous anti-democratic practices being used to silence dissent. We pledge our continued commitment to protect peoples' right to feel safe expressing their identity and to defend democratic institutions.
    May 5, 2023 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: #LGBTQ, #SideWithLove, Gender Justice, LGBTQ Welcome & Equality, Religious & Civil Liberties
  • On the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision that legalized access to abortion, Unitarian Universalists remain committed to reproductive justice, despite the changed legal landscape.
    January 20, 2023 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: #SideWithLove, Gender Justice, Reproductive Justice
  • UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray responds to the devastating news of a shooting in Colorado that was a targeted act of violence against the LGBTQIA+ community.
    November 21, 2022 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: #LGBTQ, #SideWithLove, Welcome & Inclusion for LGBTQ
  • A reflection from the Side With Love Sunday worship service.
    Reflection | By Laura Conkle | March 10, 2021 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: #30DaysOfLove, #SideWithLove, Direct Experience, Healing, Humanism, Inclusion, Justice, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer, Living Our Faith, Poverty, Secular, Unitarian Universalism
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  • A reflection from the Side With Love Sunday worship service.
    Homily | By Takiyah Nur Amin | March 10, 2021 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: #30DaysOfLove, #BlackLivesMatter, #SideWithLove, 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), Anti-Oppression, Commitment, Direct Experience, Equity, Integrity, Justice, Living Our Faith, Multiculturalism, Salvation, Unitarian Universalism
    Worship element
  • This reflection was part of Side With Love Sunday 2021.
    Homily | By Julica Hermann de la Fuente | March 10, 2021 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: #30DaysOfLove, #BlackLivesMatter, #SideWithLove, 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), Anti-Oppression, Direct Experience, Equity, Humanism, Justice, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer, Multiculturalism, Power, Privilege, Race/Ethnicity, Relationships, Secular, Unitarian Universalism, WorshipWeb, Worship
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  • I’m part of a covenantal community and when a covenant gets broken, it’s my responsibility to name that break, with kindness and the intention of healing, and to call us back into right relationship.
    Reflection | By Julica Hermann de la Fuente | February 3, 2021 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: #SideWithLove, Worship
  • I named the truth as I perceived it, because it didn’t feel like there was any other option.
    Reflection | By Aisha Ansano | January 27, 2021 | From Braver/Wiser
    Tagged as: #BlackLivesMatter, #SideWithLove, Direct Experience, Living Our Faith, Truth, Worship
  • We invite you to celebrate Side With Love Sunday by showing our full video worship service on Sunday, February 14, 2021.
    January 18, 2021 | From Side with Love
    Tagged as: #SideWithLove, Holidays & Ceremonies
  • This is been a deeply challenging time for us all. As we rest, reconnect and pray, many of us are also asking, "What can I do?"
    By Susan Frederick-Gray | January 14, 2021 | From Press Releases
    Tagged as: #SideWithLove, Social Justice
  • Last week, I stood in front of the ICE offices in Hartford for several hours -- ironically directly across the street from the lesbian law firm that my partner and I paid a lot of money to protect our queer family from the Trump administration (they helped us with the second parent adoption of our...
    By Cathy Rion Starr | October 30, 2019 | From Uplift
    Tagged as: #BlackLivesMatter, #FamiliesBelongTogether, #LGBTQ, #LoveResists, #SideWithLove, 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 5th Principle (Conscience & Democracy), Activism, Freedom, Human Rights, Solidarity in Immigration Justice, Immigration, Welcome & Inclusion for LGBTQ, LGBTQ Welcome & Equality
  • You have joined Love Resists to translate our values into action to resist the criminalization of our neighbors and communities and create a safer, more just, welcoming, and sustainable world. As we continue in this work together, we’re excited to connect with many of you next week in New Orleans...
    June 6, 2017 | From Love Resists
    Tagged as: #BlackLivesMatter, #LoveResists, #SideWithLove, #UUAGA, General Assembly