Electronic Transfer Instructions for Donating Securities

Follow these simple steps to arrange an electronic transfer of securities through a depository trust company (DTC).

Authorize the Transfer of Securities

Ask your transfer agent or brokerage firm if they need written instructions from you authorizing a transfer of securities. Some have a form you will need to complete and return to them; some will be happy to get a letter from you; some will be content to get verbal instructions. Your signature on written instructions may need a "gold medallion" certified signature, which most agents and brokers can provide.

If needed, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) can prepare a letter for you to sign and send to your investment agent; we can also email or fax transfer instructions directly to your broker if you wish. Complete the Gift Notification Form and note what help you need on the preparations for the transfer.

Provide Transfer Instructions

Whether you complete a form provided by the investment company or sign a form letter created by the UUA, you will need to authorize and initiate the transfer with your broker. Instruct your transfer agent or investment company to do the following:

Deliver the gifted stock electronically to US Bank N.A.
Into Account: 6728029094
Account Name: The Unitarian Universalist Assn. Gifted Securities Account
Tax ID: 04-2103733
DTC: 2803

Receiving agent is:
Adrienne Lindsey
Investment Services Account Manager
US Bank Wealth Management
Direct: (215) 761-9335
Fax: (215) 761-9414
Email: adrienne.lindsey@usbank.com

Next Steps

Timing. When your securities reach the UUA’s gift account at US Bank, they will be sold as soon as possible. Please note that as December sees very heavy traffic, we strongly advise you to begin a transfer as early as possible to ensure it is complete before the year ends.

Confirmation of completed transfer. Whenever feasible, the UUA Stewardship and Development Office will email you to confirm a completed gift as soon as we receive it in our account. You will also receive written acknowledgment of your contribution in the mail once processing of your gift is completed.