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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Poetry.

  • These Days

    Lynn Ungar

    From WorshipWeb
    I miss singing, the way we trusted/the air that moved between us. I miss/the casual assumption that everything/would be all right in the morning.
  • Poem: A blessing for the one in the scrubs

    Julia Hamilton

    From Feature
    May you know that you are loved.
  • Hope

    Jennifer Pratt-Walter

    From WorshipWeb
    See how the winds have shaped her hands to hold hope? So tenuous, it trembles like a hummingbird’s heart. She gently carries hope to a nest in the midst...
  • A Prayer for Salvation

    Peregrine Morkal-Williams

    From WorshipWeb
    Here I am, God, here I am. Here I am with the dishes in the sink, the dust on the shelves, the skin on my hands which is drying out and starting to crack.
  • Letter from Our Better Angels

    Sean Parker Dennison

    From WorshipWeb
    Dear One, We have received your letter and we hate to tell you— not hate so much, but are a bit afraid to say— we cannot grant your requests as stated,...
  • Choices

    Marcia Stanard

    From WorshipWeb
    Yesterday, there were fewer cars at the Arrivals dock at the Portland airport than there were dogs being walked on my block....
  • Pandemic

    Lynn Ungar

    From WorshipWeb
    What if you thought of it as the Jews consider the Sabbath— the most sacred of times? Cease from travel. Cease from buying and selling....
  • Poem: Pandemic

    Lynn Ungar

    From UU World Magazine
    Know that we are connected / in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
  • Poem: Constancy

    Margaret Krell

    From UU World Magazine
    Pearls of catkins / illumine the willow’s branches...
  • Poem: ‘Illegal’ immigrants & legal inhumanity

    Everett Hoagland

    From UU World Magazine
    who are we the people to keep people / from cropping the ‘amber waves of grain’...