UUA Engages 18 Companies on Climate, Political Spending, Diversity

During the 2021 shareholder season, the UUA, through the UU Common Endowment Fund, engaged 18 companies on climate change, disclosure of political/lobbying spending, and disclosure of diversity data.

  • 7 settled for agreement

  • 3 ongoing engagements through Climate Action 100+

  • 4 proposals were voted on at the companies' annual general meeting

  • 3 achieved 30%+ support; 1 not yet reported

The UUA was able to come to agreement with seven companies who accepted the UUA's proposals.

  • Delta Airlines, Kinder Morgan, and T-Mobile agreed to increase the transparency of their disclosures on election spending in line with the standards recommentded by the Center for Political Accountability.
  • Ford Motor Company issued a report on the alignment of its trade associations' policy positions with the goals of the Paris Agreement. CSX, the railroad company, agreed to do the same.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific agreed to disclose its EEO-1 diversity data as submitted to the US Government. Such data is typically hidden from the public by companies.

  • Comcast agreed to set emissions targets consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement and issue a report on the company's strategy to achieve that.

  • As an active member of the Climate Action 100+, the UUA led the engagement with Devon Energy and participated in the investor teams engaging Xcel Energy and Exelon. The coalition is pressing companies to develop plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Xcel and Exelon have both made net zero commitments.

For a complete list of the UUA's resolutions and other engagements, see the Shareholder Advocacy section of the UU Common Endowment Fund website.