The Seeds That Have Sprouted: What Did We Learn This Year?

It's May, and at this busy time of year, it can be tempting for congregational leaders to finish up what must be done and look ahead to some well-earned summertime rest. And...this month of milestones, celebrations, and gatherings can also be a wonderfully fruitful time to tell one another stories of the year and celebrate what has been growing.

This is all the more important in these times of change, when many congregants may not be aware of all that has been growing in other areas of congregational life. In times of change, our ability to respond to adaptive challenges is strengthened by taking time to listen to the perspectives different stakeholders in our congregations hold, to notice what has been growing, and to draw out lessons for the future. We offer you some tools and frameworks for taking time for learning in the places you are already gathering at the end of your congregational year.

The final CER Skill Up for the year was held on Tuesday, May 7th with the topic "The Seeds That Have Sprouted: A Celebration of What Has Grown." Rev. Sunshine Wolfe and Lenore Bajare-Dukes presented tools of ongoing assessment, appreciative inquiry, and reflective leadership that can help us capture the surprising and beautiful new ways we’re finding of doing church. We started this skill up series telling stories about the new ground we’ve found ourselves on and the many ways that we can foster the little sprouts of beautiful things unexpected and faithful. We concluded our year with stories to tell each other: What has your congregation grown this year? What has surprised and taught you?

We're happy to share the recording and the resources.

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