Support the Youth-led Climate Strikes!

logo for the climate strikes reads: "Climate Strike / Sept 20"

By Stevie Carmody

Red and black text on white background reads: "Our Demands: Green New Deal, Respect of Indigenous Land, Environmental Justice, Protection of Biodiversity, Sustainable Agriculture"

Led by youth and young people all across the country, this week invites people of all ages to participate in the ongoing Climate Strikes, or support the effort for climate justice in other ways. Many strikes will happen on September 20th, but be sure to find the events scheduled in your area!

Need to find a Climate Strike?

Find a climate strike in your area.

Is Your Youth or Young Adult Group Involved in the Climate Strikes?

Connect them with our Lifespan Faith Engagement staff if you need resources and support. Stevie Carmody, the Emerging Adult Ministry Associate, can be reached at

Need to Get Grounded in UUism & the Climate Strikes?

Get inspired! You can watch this 1-hour video, learning more from UU youth organizers Sophia Geiger, Levi Draheim, and Charlotte Stuart-Tilley! Sophia reminds us, “we need people who don’t think of themselves as a ‘climate activist’ to be climate activists.” Charlotte calls for us to have fortitude in the struggle with something that seems insurmountable.

Watch the video.

Want to Learn What It’s All About?

Visit Strike With Us for the demands of this movement.

Want the Most Resources?

Find all the social media pictures and sample posts to spread the message.

Get creative, find beautiful artwork, songs, posters & other ways to bring your creative voice into this movement.

If you are an adult, and want to support youth, check out the Center youth and ​use toolkit.