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To: Shelter Rock - Thank You!
To: Shelter Rock - Thank You!
Earlier this month, from Friday, April 12th to Sunday, April 14th young adult leaders from across the country gathered at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, NY for a leadership conference. Many were from the greater Metro NY area, with some traveling from Pennsylvania, and one participant from each Maine and Washington State! You can read more about the conference at the Leadership Con Blue Boat Blog article - this a note of thanks to our hosts! We all so appreciated being able to gather at Shelter Rock, that we wanted to say a big ol' thank you for Shelter Rock for hosting us. Here are some words from the participants: "Having the event in the beautiful Veatch House really made me feel at home and ready to be transformed." -Leader at All Souls, NYC "I want to send my sincerest gratitude to the congregation at Shelter Rock, who generously gave us their beautiful space for the whole weekend. This amazing conference would not have been possible without your support." -Leader at First Unitarian Society, Brooklyn "It was great to be surrounded by such a beautiful, versatile space. One of the things that made the conference so creative and productive when we were in session was the ability to do what we needed during breaks--whether that be talking a short walk on the lovely grounds or a quick nap in a cozy, quiet, sunlit room." - Leader from Maine "Shelter Rock is a state of the art worship facility, and I was humbled and filled with gratitude by the blooming flowers, blue skies, and green grass--a much needed escape from the towering confines of New York City." -Leader at First Unitarian Society, Brooklyn "This was my first conference at shelter rock with young adults other than those of my congregation, and it made me appreciate all the space has to offer! It truly is one of a kind, considering we had the chance to not only be inside, but have a vast area of land to explore. It was a great bonding experience in our breaks!" -Leader from Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock "The Shelter Rock space was gorgeous and helped me to let down my guard; as a result I felt this conference had a more lasting affect on me than other UU leadership trainings I've participated in in the past." -Campus Ministry Leader from Pittsburgh, PA   Thank you so much Shelter Rock, for being such a wonderful host for us, and making this conference possible!    

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