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We Travel Together
We Travel Together

DAY 1: Our Shared Spiritual Journey


We travel together, to our victory or peril. Some would say we are condemned to travel together, yet for others it is the opportunity to rise up to be the best we can be as humans. Whereas we might endeavor in our own ways for the goals that we share – greater social justice, equity and fairness for all people; the freedom to live as we would, with whom we wish in peace and freedom; the possibility of leaving the world a better place for those who will follow through our efforts – what is special about 30 Days of Love is the opportunity to do these things together.

This year 30 Days of Love challenges us to look within our own heart, deeply and with the will to open ourselves, and open ourselves to the world. It is a daunting challenge to face alone, but one that we can accomplish together.

Together we can be emboldened to reach beyond our own comfort.

Together we speak with a voice loud enough to resonate in those who haven't heard before.

Together our reach extends the grasp of anyone of us alone when we reach out in love.

Please join the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, the UUA and countless others by intentionally reaching out in love during these 30 days.

Visit 30 days of Love, Day One on Standing on the Side of Love, for ideas on multigenerational activities and others ways to reach out in love.      

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  • Ted joined the staff of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in February 2010. He brings more than twenty-five years of experience using media to create social change by creating communications strategies and content for progressive non-profits, political campaigns, and cause based...

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