Living Legacy Project Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage

By Ted Resnikoff


Energize this Legacy


Announcing the Living Legacy Project (LLP) All Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage, June 5th-9th, 2017! This 5-day pilgrimage will be led by LLP board members Reverend Gordon Gibson and Reggie Harris, beginning in Birmingham and continuing to Marion, Selma and Montgomery, Alabama. The vision of the LLP Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage to create a connection with youth to the history of racial justice in the United States -- so that they too, can become actively engaged in the Unitarian Universalist racial justice movement of today. Planning team members Jules Jaramillo, Director of Lifespan Religious Education at Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist and Tina DeYoe Director of Religious Education at Unitarian Church of Los Alamos invite youth from congregations across the country to be a part of this important experience.

Participants will visit historic landmarks including the 16th Street Baptist Church, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Bethel Baptist Church, the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the Viola Liuzzo Memorial, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Parsonage, the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University at Montgomery, and Unitarian Universalist congregations in the area. They will meet and give witness to the firsthand stories of men and women who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, individuals who when they were the exact same ages as the youth on our conscious raising tour were already fully engaged in the Civil Rights Movement.


If you have any questions, please contact Jules Jaramillo at or Tina DeYoe at