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Waterfire Witness

By Jeremie Bateman

Learn more about what to expect on Saturday evening. Reach out in love! A Message from our Witness planners: General Assembly 2014 is all about love! Throughout GA, we’ll have opportunities to engage with what unconditional love means to us as Unitarian Universalists and how our efforts to help create a better world are grounded in love. Then, on Saturday night, we’ll get a chance to actually practice love reaching out when we join in a local Providence community festival and give it the theme of love. We will witness for the power of love to unite people across all our differences and create a better world. We will prepare our hearts at the convention center in a “Love Reaches Out” worship service, and then we will all process together down the three blocks to the riverfront, where fires will be lit on the river, we will sing along with songs about love, and then we’ll get to enjoy the festival. There will be a stage with live performances, areas for chalking messages and art about love, candles we can light for love, and more! Join the Facebook event for more info, or sign up for a special role! Resource links More Waterfire information on Waterfire.Org Blog Post: I'm an Evangelist for Love Take me back to the main page