Let's Set A Date!

By Kayla Parker

Let's set a date - the time is ticking! Now that everyone is settled into school, and most of you have your own group meetings set, let's pick a time for our monthly conference calls until winter break (September-December). This semester there will be monthly conference calls for campus ministry leaders centered around a chosen topic, with experts in the field present. There will also be time to check-in and ask peers for advice on challenges you may be facing. When will these meetings be? Whenever the most of you can attend! Let me know what days of the week work for you - just fill out the short questionnaire below: http://doodle.com/g4ru7c5y59hrzqb3 No one else will be able to see your responses, so please write your full name and college(s) where doodle asks you to enter your "name". Polling will close at 6:66 pm EDT on Thursday the 13th (I tried for Friday, but the Gregorian Calendar won out this time). Get your vote in on time - I want you to be on our calls! http://doodle.com/g4ru7c5y59hrzqb3