Inspiring Hope

By Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller

The time I spent at leadership school in Decorah, Iowa was one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had the privilege of participating in. It felt less like we were being led and more like we had control over what was going to happen. The week was similar to my overall journey with Unitarian Universalists in that it was filled with both deep reflection of who I am as a person (both good and bad) and what I believe in, but also a constant reminder of how much I have to learn from the amazing people that surround me.

YMWLS 2018 Participants

YMWLS 2018 "Facing Outward"

Towards the beginning of the week, I learned of a mistake that I had made, causing me to question my abilities as a leader and my integrity as a person. I felt as if I did not deserve to be at YMWLS (Youth Midwest Leadership School - ed.), but with the love and support of my peers, I was able to come to terms with my actions and grow and improve as a person and a leader.

YMWLS 2018 Participants "Human Chalice"

YMWLS 2018 "Human Chalice"

One of my favorite activities was the worship planning in which we were purposely teamed with different personality types. Our extraordinarily diverse group of individuals worked together to come up with a service inspiring “hope” which wouldn’t have been complete without our “community orchestra.”

YMWLS 2018 Community Orchestra

The YMWLS 2018 Community Orchestra.

Moving from fun filled activities such as the pool and ropes course to deep discussions with our credo groups and a focus on sustainability, the lessons and information we received will never be forgotten. The friends I have made will forever make an imprint on me and my future and I’m so thankful for this life changing experience. To whom it may concern, I “hope” you don’t pass up this amazing opportunity.


Morgan Miller is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia, MO and actively participates in youth conferences, GA, leadership school and other youth activities. She is also very passionate about theatre, jamming with her band and dance.