People of All Ages

People of all ages enjoy General Assembly 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island

We are a multigenerational faith. From infancy to old age, Unitarian Universalism supports us in living with integrity, compassion, commitment, and joy.

We build connections across the generations. Toddlers laugh and play with elders, teens have meaningful conversations with adults their parents' age, elementary schoolers and college students work together on a project. We watch each other learn and grow as we explore our faiths, our identities, and our world.

Explore what Unitarian Universalism has to offer by age and stage:

Many members of the UU Congregation in Stony Brook, Long Island gathered in colorful clothing on green grass.

Find a congregation near you to see what they offer for all ages.

Older woman and small girl sit on the floor during worship at Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence, Kansas.