International Unitarian Universalism

A group of young Unitarians from the Transylvania region of Romania smile, wearing traditional ethnic clothes.

Young Unitarians from the Transylvania region of Romania dressed in traditional clothing for a special occasion.

From the Hungarian villages of Eastern Europe to bustling urban centers in East Africa, from the Khasi Hills of Northeast India to Negros Island in the Philippines, Unitarianism and Universalism have developed expressions around the world.

Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist worshipping communities around the world exist because people in these places had a strong belief in our faith’s foundations: the oneness of the sacred, and God’s all embracing love.

We come together across cultures, in all of our diverse expressions, to celebrate our shared commitment to a more just, more peaceful, and more loving world.

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Unitarian/Universalist Headquarters Around the Globe

A group photo of Unitarians from the Khasi Hills in India, wearing colorful clothing.

Unitarians in Northeast India

Unitarians of all ages gather in a congregation in the Philippines.

Unitarian Universalists of all ages in the Philippines