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1966 General Resolution

RESOLVED: The Unitarian Universalist Association urges the governments of the United States and Canada to take the following steps to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons:
  1. Continue negotiation in the Eighteen Nation Disarmament Conference, with the addition of the People's Republic of China, for the completion of a non-proliferation treaty;
  2. Encourage the accession to the partial test-ban treaty of all nations not now signatories;
  3. Work for the extension of the partial test-ban treaty to include underground tests;
  4. Encourage and approve the creation of additional "nuclear-free zones" in various parts of the world;
  5. Continue efforts to halt and reverse the growth of the nuclear weaponry of all nations;
  6. Insist that all power and research reactors and separation plants be subject to International Atomic Energy Agency inspection.
THAT the UUA through the proper department urge upon the individual members of all member churches and fellowships to communicate this position to their senators and representatives in national and dominion legislative bodies.

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