1980 Business Resolution

WHEREAS, the US Congress is now considering proposals on a new charter for the federal intelligence community; and

WHEREAS, US intelligence agencies have used American and foreign clergy and church workers for clandestine operations and information collection; and

WHEREAS, the 1976 UUA General Assembly adopted a general resolution condemning harassment by the CIA, FBI, and other agencies of government; and

WHEREAS, serious First Amendment questions are raised by the intelligence community's use of clergy, church workers and missionaries as informants; and

WHEREAS, a prohibition against use of clergy by US intelligence gathering and law enforcement agencies has not been enacted into law and is not included in the proposals before Congress for charter revisions;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the UUA Board of Trustees urges the Congress to include in the charter of all US intelligence gathering and law enforcement agencies a specific prohibition against:

  1. Recruiting or employing members of the clergy, church workers, and missionaries — US or foreign — as informants or agents in any capacity at home or overseas;
  2. Impersonating clergy, church workers or missionaries; and
  3. Establishing entities purporting to be churches, church agencies or religious organizations.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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