Uplift Access: Uplifting Accessibility In and Beyond Unitarian Universalism

UPLIFT Access: October 2023

By Gretchen Maune

Dear Friends,

As I write this around Halloween, I remember why it’s always been my favorite holiday. Although I’ve been breaking out of these patterns in recent years, I’ve spent a lot of my life masking and trying to pass in various ways. Halloween always represented a day to, paradoxically, unmask, showing facets of myself I rarely let others see. Being able to take on any persona to which I was drawn was a freedom I looked forward to each year. The more I fill my life with people who love me for who I am, the more I’m able to unmask my autism, be open about my blindness and my depression, and freely share my gender and sexuality. I hope that all of you reading this are able to find many warm, safe spaces with in which you can be yourself this month.

October 18 was International Pronouns Day and I wanted to share a blog entry I wrote last Spring, regarding my experience as a disabled, non-binary person at the protect trans kids rally at the Missouri state capital.

"Even though my blindness and anxiety disorder make them an extra-chaotic experience at times, since beginning to participate in rallies, direct actions, and marches over 10 years ago, I’ve kept going because of that renewed sense of strength and purpose that fills my veins when I connect with fellow activists who, like me, know we can change the world." [READ MORE]

Until next time!


Take Action for Disabled People

Right now, there are several important advocacy opportunities for our community, to activate against multiple forms of discrimination towards disabled people.

AAPD is collecting stories to strengthen the rule, and we need your help. Please go to this link to share how you have been impacted by medical discrimination and other forms of discrimination in human services – your story will help ensure HHS finalizes a rule that will truly address the needs and experiences of our community.

We hope you will consider sharing your comment via this form by midnight on Sunday, November 12, 2023. Your story will be part of AAPD’s comment. While AAPD will not share any personal contact information you share via this form, please be mindful that the contents of any submitted stories will be shared publicly. Unless you submit your story under the name “Anonymous,” your story will be attributed to your First Name, Last Initial.

If you have any questions or need accommodations to be part of either of these advocacy processes, please email Jess Davidson at jdavidson@aapd.com.


Accessible Publications from Skinner House

Skinner House will have a channel on Bookshare soon!

Accessible versions of most recent Skinner House's most recent publications, and all new ones going forward will be available to Bookshare subscribers.

Skinner House Audiobooks NOW AVAILABLE

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About the Author

Gretchen Maune

As Accessiblity Resources Coordinator, Gretchen will provide virtual resources for Unitarian Universalist congregational and organizational leaders to create spaces, events, programs and communities which are accessible and inclusive to disabled participants.

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