Who You Are Enriches Us All

A horizon of mountain ridges, colorized in pastel rainbow tones.

Welcome! What you bring—who you are—enriches us all.

We say “Welcome” to your joy, your hope, your pride.
We say “Welcome” to your grief, your fear, your anger.
And the parts of you that are not yet ready to be seen and heard—
Welcome to them as well.

For we are people of faith:
Faith in our expansive welcome
Faith in our ability to grow
Faith in the precious gift of our truths
Faith in the promise of trying, learning, changing
Faith in our capacity to know ourselves and each other ever deeply.

Welcome to you who are gay, straight, bi, pan, lesbian, queer, questioning, unable to be contained in any word.
Welcome to you who are trans, cis, genderqueer, nonbinary, intersex, agender, beyond words.
Welcome to you who are human.
Welcome to you who love and are loved.
Welcome to you who are blessed (which is all of you).

May this time together be a blessing.