This morning in congregations large and small, across the country and around the world, Unitarian Universalists are celebrating Ingathering. We hurriedly stop in our usual scramble to get out the door to fill a small bottle or jar with water from our tap: water that might symbolically represent the water we forgot to gather on our summer travels or non-travels. Does any actual water from lakes or streams ever make it to Water Communion?

A rust-colored leaf floats on the surface of a pond, and under the surface of the water there are stones and rocks. The surface of the water reflects the hand that dropped the leaf onto the water.

Watershed moments are turning points, those moments often recognized in retrospect, moments that permanently alter an understanding. This morning we come together to share insights gained on any travels, or perhaps to reflect on the everyday holiness of the water that flows in abundance from our garden hose.

Please join me in a moment of silent reflection, as we enter into our sacred time together.