All of us are welcome here; all of us are loved

People holding hands in worship

Good Morning! Welcome to this liberal religious congregation [or name of congregation]. My name is [name, role].

Some of us are bringing our best selves to this space, and some of us are bringing our struggling selves, including pieces we might be ashamed of. All of us are welcome here, and all of us are loved.

Some of us already have open hearts; and some of us aren’t quite there yet, because our hearts have gotten a little beat up this week and might’ve forgotten how to trust and open. Your heart is welcome here, no matter how bruised. We welcome you among us.

All of us are imperfect, but we’re here to drop our defenses and trust that what happens in worship is powerful and life-giving. Together, we affirm that this day—and our being together—can make each of us braver, more compassionate, and wiser than when we woke up this morning.

We welcome you here.

[Proceed with invitation to coffee hour, etc.]