Noah was an old man who loved to dance and sing and to make things with his hands. He especially loved to make mud pies. Noah loved to do these things because he felt closest to the Creator when he was being creative himself.

All the people in Noah’s village thought he was a fool. “Why do you waste your time dancing and singing and making mud pies?!” they asked.

And Noah responded, “Because it gives me joy.”

One day, the people saw Noah doing something even stranger than usual. He was building an ark. “Noah, why do you waste your time building an ark when there is no water for miles around?”

And Noah responded, “Because it gives me joy.”

On another day, the people saw Noah collecting two of every kind of animal and putting them into his ark. They thought Noah had really lost his marbles this time. “Noah, why do you waste your time collecting two of every kind of animal?”

And once again Noah said, “Because it gives me joy.”

Finally, one day it started to rain. Noah gathered his family together and they all got on board the ark. It rained so hard and for so long that the whole earth was covered with water. As Noah looked out the window of the ark, one of his children came and stood beside him.

“Dad, did you know this flood was coming?” the little girl asked her father.

Noah was quiet for a moment and then he said, “Not exactly, but I have this theory about life. Life can get pretty tough. Sometimes it can be hard to make it through the day. But if you can do something creative, then you will know joy. Rain can fall down and flood waters rise...but the things that give you joy will make sure you are prepared and help keep you afloat.”

Storytelling Tip: Have the congregation or class make sounds for a rainstorm. Begin by gently tapping fingers together...then snapping them...then clapping hands lightly...then clapping harder...then patting your knees hard. Voila, you have a rainstorm.