Hope and Imagination

I’m going to talk about something really powerful today: HOPE. And first, I have a question. Have you ever hoped for something? … and did the thing you hoped for happen? [Take responses.] I think that hope is kinda like these: [Pass around basket of acorns and invite children to take one to hold during the rest of the reflection. If you have enough, you can let them keep them.] Acorns. What do you think this acorn hopes to be some day? [an oak tree.] Here’s why acorns remind me of hope. Now, if I just dropped this acorn on the floor and walked away, would it have any hope of becoming an oak tree? [No!] What does it need? [Soil, water, air, sunshine.]

Like acorns, our hope needs other things to come to life. First, we start with our imaginations. We imagine that thing we’re hoping for. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine something you hope for. [pause…] Your hopes are like acorns. They just need a little work, care, action, help, and luck(!) to ever really come to life, like an acorn becomes an oak tree.

And one important question: Could you ever have an oak tree without FIRST having an acorn? [No!] The same way, every great thing anyone’s ever done began with hope, with someone’s imagination of what could be, plus action to help it grow to life. That’s the power of hope!


Prop: acorns (remember, these are tricky to find unless it’s autumn!).

Close up of beautiful acorn on an oak leaf.
Kids on a swing, hanging from a mighty oak tree.