The Frog Prince

There once was a little girl who was walking beside a creek when she happened to see a frog that looked very sad. “I wonder why that frog is so sad?” she asked herself. Then she remembered a story once told by her mother about how a girl had kissed a frog and how the frog had magically turned into a handsome prince. “Maybe that is why the frog is so sad. No one will kiss it so that it can become a prince.”

She decided that she would give the frog a kiss herself. But nothing happened. There was still just a frog sitting in her hand. She set the frog back on the ground and said, “Poor froggy, I’m sorry I couldn’t turn you into a handsome prince.”

The frog replied, “Oh, but you have done something far better. You have made me a happier frog.” And the frog hopped off with a great big smile on his face.

So, if you’re walking through the woods one day and happen to see a little girl picking up frogs and kissing them, don’t try to stop her. She knows what she is doing. Frogs need love, too, you know. You may not be able to see the frog change on the outside, but, believe me, a little love and attention makes everyone feel like royalty on the inside.