Welcoming the New Member

New Member Covenant (new members recite in unison)

We enter this faith with hope and possibility in our hearts,
pledging to participate in and support
the ministries of this church.

We covenant to remain true to the spirit of love
that flows through this church
and guides us.

We seek your welcome as we join you in this faith.

Congregational Response (congregation responds in unison)

We welcome you as once we were welcomed ourselves.
We seek to be open and inclusive;
respecting your inherent dignity,
your ideas and your vision,
in times when it is easy
and in times when it is difficult.

We seek to be supportive,
not only when you reach out in courage to us,
but also when you need us to reach out to you.

In return we ask that you recognize our humanity:
We will not always live up to our ideals.
And, when we fall short
we invite you to stay in relationship with us
and help us more fully bring alive the spirit of love.

We welcome you as an equal member
of this congregation,
of this faith,
and of our shared spiritual journey.