All of Nature Is Sacred

Silhouette of a flock of birds on a branch

Leader: For the love of all began with the world.

Congregation: All of Nature is sacred.

L: Every creature is a thinking, feeling being.

C: We are blessed with wondrous variety.

L: We are part of nature and of every being on the planet. What we do to one affects the many.

C: In this web of existence, we are each a strand. Our pushing and pulling moves the fabric of our world.

L: Each bird and insect, each fish and four-legged creature, all are our siblings.

C: Let us treat them as we would one another, with compassion and dignity, with understanding and honor.

L: The love that we show each being radiates outward, a beam of kindness and caring that can be felt with the heart.

C: And in turn, our hearts receive that love from each being, and it echoes onward to eternity.