Dear Divine Spirit

Dear Spirit,
What is the meaning of life, the purpose for us living?
Are we your playthings, or your precious children?
Were you lonely once, in need of us? Are you lonely now?
When we pray to you, why are our answers round-about, why do they come in mysterious ways that make us question, that make us doubt, that make us wonder how much is our imagining?
Why can we only perceive you in the images of others, in the sunlight, in the beauty and majesty of creation,
What is your true form? Is it too much for us to bear, as it has been written in scriptures?
Are there angels, and are there demons; are they figurative, or literal? Should I worry about the prayers I send and whom they end up with? I believe in your grace and protection and cannot imagine them slipping through the cracks.
Are we wrong to give you a name? Does it diminish our praise of you, is this putting your name in vain? I dance around the word “God” for that seems not to capture everything I know you to be; what is the word I should use that is suited for me?

Sunbeams break through a layer of clouds over Rioja Alavesa, Laguardia, Spain, with rippling mountains stretching out.

Dear Spirit,
I know I will not receive a letter,
word from you in answering all these questions,
I know I should seek in unexpected places,
Even in my own thought,
That you put in my mind,
For answers to the mysteries,
Some that are never meant to be answered,
I know I should find you in the rainstorm, and the raindrops, and the majestic tree and its leaves,
I know you are in the cracks on the face of an elderly woman, and the sparkle in the eye of a newborn babe,
I know you are in the DNA of the most infinitesimal creature, and in structure of the mountain range,
You are in my bloodstream, and my spirit,
you are in the space between bodies, and in the makeup of those very bodies,
You are the vessel, and the empty space that makes the vessel what it is,
You are everything we are, we are in, and we are made of, and more,
You are the heavens, and the universe, and that further on,
the gravity that makes it turn,
And the gas that burns the stars,
And the light that they emit,
You are a precious, heavy weighted idea,
Too much for living minds alone,
So that we compartmentalize to understand,
That we computerize to try to reach,
In 1s and 0s,
And logic diagrams,
In essence,
I am saying, I want to know you,
To become closer to the all that is in and of us all,
And I will work from this end to try,
To find you in places other than just the sky,
I will search for answers, between the pages,
Learn from other, and long gone sages,
Will find the truth,
That you silently speak,
And thank you,
For this all,