Nurture This Precious Light

How shall we begin to live out our free faith?

Nurture this precious light.

When we do, we are beacons of freedom
creating a safe place to rest, explore, and innovate.

Nurture this precious light!

How we keep this lamp of truth and justice affects how and whether we are transforming inequity through witness and action.

Nurture this precious light.

As we nurture this precious light together, we become a light of hope turning isolation into community,

anguish into peace,
sorrow into joy.

Nurture this precious light.

As we do, our faith burns a steady flame of innovation banishing illusion, creating a new and renewing way together.

Nurture this precious light!

With our living connections, with our glowing stories, with our flame of freedom moving hand to hand, we.

Nurture this precious light.
Together, we turn this world from bleak to bright
one flame, one fire, one light at a time.

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