For the gifts we have been given

Each week we take up an offering for the support of this congregation,
and often, for the support of others who are working for a better world.
To be honest, we need your support—especially in todays economy,
when pledges are down and the future appears uncertain.
But there is another truth here as well.
Another truth that says: some of us need to make an offering.

Some of us need to make an offering
not only because the congregation needs our support,
but because we need to remind ourselves of our own generosity.
Because the act of giving something away
is a tangible way of acknowledging the gifts we have been given.

If we don't have enough for ourselves, we may be poor in material wealth.
But when we don't have enough to share, then we are truly poor in spirit.
And none of us should leave this place
feeling poor in spirit.