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Food Is Our Most Common Bond

To me democracy is an exciting, living practice, what we do every day.
To most democracy doesn’t relate to our daily lives and it sure isn’t much fun.
I now see that to engage in democracy, to jump into this living practice
we all need something tangible to act on...

Because food is our most primal need and our common bond
to the earth and to each other, it can ground us as we stretch
ourselves to draw in all the interlaced threads—so we can
weave a whole meaningful picture for ourselves.

With food as a starting point, we can choose to meet people
and to encounter events so powerful that they can jar us out
of our ordinary ways of seeing the world, and open us to
new uplifting possibilities.

About the Author

Frances Moore Lappé

Frances Moore Lappé has written or co-authored fifteen books, received seventeen honorary degrees, and is co-founder of Food First, the American News Service, and the Small Planet Institute. She attends the First Church in Belmont, Massachusetts....

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