The Fires of Our Commitment


God of Many Names, Mystery Beyond All Our Naming –
Lift us above the divisions,
Move us beyond inaction,
And heal us that we may know our wholeness, within and together.

As we emerge from this week’s election,
A time of regrouping, of celebration and despair, let us continue on.
May the victories energize the work ahead,
And may there be space for disappointment.
And then, may the spirit of inspiration found in coming together,
Stoke the fires of commitment within us,
Commitment to our neighbors, to justice, to creating a better world,
Propelling us forward to do the shared work ahead.
That our voices, that all voices, may be heard.
And that we may find continued ways to love and to serve.
May our relationships,
with those whose views we share,
as well as those with whom we disagree,
be filled with the spirit of compassion,
moving us beyond the walls of our knowing,
beyond the walls of sameness,
toward each others’ humanity.