Sacred in the Ordinary

Holy One
We gather this day to be reminded of the sacred in the ordinary.
The holy moments of waking yet again to a new day.
The feel of the earth beneath our feet
The crisp cool on our skin
The joy of being welcomed by our fellow travelers
The warmth of this place.
Help us this day to be fully present in our living
Awake to each breath.
Remind us O God, that Life is taking place in the in between
As well as in our lofty goals
Remind us O God that the detours and the details craft the path
And make it our own.
Help us to remember that we did not make this day.
But that we have the glorious pleasure to greet each moment as it unfolds
To reach out and kiss its cheek as though
It were a visitor who has come a long way just to see us.
These and the prayers of our hearts we now lift up in the silence.