To Right the Wrongs of Our Kin

A sea of signs, at a protest, above people's heads: "Immigrants make America great" and "No hate no fear."

Spirit of Life, God of Love, hear this cry which begins with gratitude for the human ability to take action to right the wrongs of our kin.

If you are the force of Love, be loving to these dear ones who would rid the world of hatred and greed.

If you are the force of Possibility, seed opportunity for those who believe they are forgotten.

If you are a larger Freedom, break the chains of oppression and ignorance in which so many lives are bound.

If you are the power of healing, please, oh please, bring comfort to the little ones who are imprisoned away from their sources of comfort and care.

Whatever you are, any force of the "More" which allows us to reach beyond this reality to a more inclusive and loving presence, give energy to these precious ones who would make a difference. And may their actions inspire all of us to do whatever is in our power to make it known that we will not allow our neighbors to be treated as less than human.